Administrative support is one of the professions with the most job opportunities in the nation, according to the edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor.

People searching for steady and rewarding professions in a labor market that has been severely affected by the recession should find this to be welcome news.

For those who want to enter this field, the fact that administrative assistants are being given manager-level tasks seems even more promising. Administrative assistance refers to a cluster of administrative and clerical tasks that are performed for the smooth functioning of an organization.
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Among the duties performed by administrative assistants or secretaries are:

So What Exactly is Administrative Support?

  • Planning and organizing meetings
  • Scheduling and organizing appointments
  • Taking care of office documents
  • Keeping track of electronic records and files
  • Supervising projects
  • Information distribution
  • Arranging for transportation
  • Making preparations for dignitaries
  • Fundamental bookkeeping and accounting

In order to keep an office running effectively, they may also be in charge of managing internal and external communication, maintaining the corporate website, liaising with clients and vendors, and organizing support services like housekeeping, catering, parking, etc.

There is no doubt that an administrative assistant has a wide range of potential jobs, and in order to complete them, he or she has to be proficient in a variety of software programs, including MS Office, QuickBooks, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, and others Administrative assistants should be quick at tying knots great interpersonal, organizational, and written-communication abilities in addition to good customer service skills.

How Do You Become an Office Assistant?

Although high school graduates might be able to find entry-level secretarial jobs if they can show they have the necessary fundamental office skills, it would probably be wiser in the long term to enroll in some sort of post-secondary administrative assistant training.

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These training programs, which are typically a solid first step toward a career in this profession, are conducted by community colleges and vocational schools. Depending on the school giving them, these training programs might range in length.

Is There Administrative Assistant Courses?

There are some administrative assistant courses offered totally self-paced, online. Students that enroll in a vocational administrative help course are often taught Microsoft Office programs, business letters, office operations, computer basics, etc.

College graduates are preferred by certain businesses when hiring secretaries, particularly if the job involves interacting with a company’s top executives. For those looking to land these high-profile secretarial positions, a business degree is a wise choice.

How To Get A Professional Administrative Certificate?

After completing your administrative assistant training, you should work toward obtaining certification to attest to your suitability for the position. Organizations like the International Association of Administrative Professionals offer certifications.

There has been an upward trend in hiring administrative assistants online. Employers engage these experts to complete administrative chores for them from home, particularly in smaller enterprises that cannot afford to have many permanent employees on their payroll.

Virtual or admin assistants perform essentially the same tasks as their colleagues in the real world, with the added flexibility of working from home offices. For those looking for legitimate telecommuting work, this offers up some incredibly interesting options!

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